BADCamp Community

Coding lounge

BADCamp will be providing a coder lounge with internet access, and an ample supply of coffee, snacks, and water. The BADCamp Coder Lounge is available for anyone who wants to work on Drupal or Drupal projects at any time. BADCamp will also be hosting several code sprints in the coder lounge. You do not need to be participating in a sprint to work in the coder lounge.

Sponsoring BADCamp

Thank you to all our sponsors who've made BADCamp possible for the many past years! We couldn't do it without everyone's support.

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Individual Sponsors

Brian Lewis
Sandra Mistretti
Civic Engagement Research Group - Mills College
Joe Jackson
JC Jackson Consulting
Danée Forbes
Kanopi Studios
Caryl Westerberg
Stanford University
John Bickar
Stanford University
Nathan Kendall
Cold Pixel, LLC
Alec Reynolds
allan perry
University of California
Bojhan Somers
User Intelligence
Ankur Rishi
Amy Dunn
Biomonitoring California
Kenneth Sharp
Stanford University School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Daniel Mahoney
David Snopek
Douglas Hoffman
The Lakewood Group
Mario Hernandez
John Hauser
Access Humboldt
Nichole Davison
Jean-Pierre Dautricourt
Media Soleil
Sean Gould
Nazario Ayala
Radical Designs
Tommy Keswick
The Cherry Hill Company
Ryan Ornelas
Daniel Fylstra
Frontline Systems Inc.
Eric Eisenhart
Sonoma State University
Mary Salome
Production Manager, UCSF Center for HIV Information
Joel Fuller
UC Berkeley
Jim Clara
Laura Myers Design
Rex Vokey
Internet Simplicity


Corporate Sponsors