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Coding lounge

BADCamp will be providing a coder lounge with internet access, and an ample supply of coffee, snacks, and water. The BADCamp Coder Lounge is available for anyone who wants to work on Drupal or Drupal projects at any time. BADCamp will also be hosting several code sprints in the coder lounge. You do not need to be participating in a sprint to work in the coder lounge.

Sponsoring BADCamp

Thank you to all our sponsors who've made BADCamp possible for the many past years! We couldn't do it without everyone's support.

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Individual Sponsors

Jeannine Cuevas
UC San Francisco
Steve Musial
Jonathan Henson
no10 Web Company
Brant Wynn
AJ Craft
Lawrence Hall of Science
Mark Ferree
Chapter Three
Ted Bowman
Drupal Trainer
Six Mile Tech
Jeffrey Snoddy
Leslie Glynn
Shilpa Thanawala
John Ingham
Ingham Agile Enterprises
Carlton Remy
Chris Bridges
Daniel Verrico
Third and Grove
Tim Otten
Joe Rudy
Erik Baldwin
Dave Myburgh
Senior Engineer
Acquia Inc.
Sarah Kurisu
James Nettik
Front-end Developer
Aten Design Group
Helen Nishikai
Nishikai Consulting
Maksym Pavelko
Matt Johnson
Craig Farris
Strategic Communications, UC Davis
Andrew Pace
Golden Hills Community Church
Shannon Range
UX Architect
Silent K Designs
Clayton Dewey
information architect
Stefan Topfstedt
Web Developer
Dan McElroy
Jack Aponte
Palante Technology Cooperative


Corporate Sponsors

No sponsors are available.

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