Drupal Support Developer

Chapter Three

We’re looking for solid experience with Drupal and an ability to troubleshoot customer needs and identify solutions. This role will expose you to both the theme and backend layers of Drupal so an effective developer here should be equally comfortable writing PHP and SASS. 

Essential Skills and Characteristics:

  • 2–3 years' Drupal experience
  • Astute diagnostic skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • A compulsion for creating order out of chaos
  • A methodical approach to problem-solving
  • A penchant for turning over all the rocks and resolving issues thoroughly
  • Experience managing and working within advanced Git workflows
  • Ability to install and configure a local LAMP stack
  • Aptitude for building, configuring and troubleshooting a variety of Drupal site recipes
  • Understanding of network protocol layers, security layers and domain models

To apply for this position: