Drupal Developer

Giant Rabbit

We're looking for a Drupal developer to help us build web sites for the good guys.

Giant Rabbit is a 14-person consulting outfit that works with non-profit organizations all over the world. We need a versatile developer to help us build and support large and small Drupal websites for a wide range of non-profit organizations, from environmental protection and stewardship through social justice to arts and education and yes, even quilting and telecommunications standards.

Our office is small and our client list is large, so our developers work on a variety of big and small projects. We are a developer-driven consulting shop--our project managers come to our developers early and often so that our projects are planned, budgeted, and built collaboratively.

Our work is always mission-focused: our goal is always to do what is actually best for our clients. We want our work to matter and we always strive to be good stewards of our clients' resources, which means developing with an eye to long-term sustainability and doing our best to guide our clients to make good cost-benefit decisions with their technology.


We need a developer who has experience actually doing stuff for clients. You need to have real-world experience with web development, with some solid Drupal experience along the way. You need to understand (and have opinions about) how to structure and develop a Drupal site, how to implement a theme, how to handle responsive elements, how to administer and configure Drupal through the GUI (and set it up for clients to do the same), and how (and when) to code a new module if you need one.

Some experience working with javascript to make things pretty and functional for the end user would be a big plus as well. If you've worked integrating Drupal with third-party APIs like Salesforce, that would be useful, too. And if you've spent some time in the wild running your own projects or wrangling your own clients, that experience will help you understand the world we live in as consultants--where at the end of the day it's not just doing what the client *asks for* that makes a project successful, it's figuring out what the client actually *needs* and building that instead.

We always have multiple projects going at once and we're always fielding new client requests, so it's important that you enjoy an environment where there is a lot going on and where you'll be working on several different sites at once. This isn't the kind of place where you can just quietly code away on a single project for week after week. That said, any development background you've got is good, as long as it adds up to being a versatile developer who communicates well and writes maintainable code that does what it's supposed to do.


Giant Rabbit builds our business practices from within--how we work has been developed collaboratively by our developers, partners, and project managers. This is a good place for developers with opinions. Anyone who works here is encouraged to jump into the discussion about our practices in general and our work on a specific project in particular, because that's how we get better at what we do.

Work-life balance has always been a central tenet of work at Giant Rabbit. We offer a flexible work schedule, and as a company we have a culture of accommodation for art, travel, and family. We work two days a week from our Berkeley office, then the other three days a week from wherever we work best--the office or home or anywhere with an internet connection. No one is ever required to work after hours or on the weekend. (And yes that means we need to be realistic with our clients about when things will get done, but that's good for everybody.)

We welcome diversity, our office is over a bakery, and the people who work here are seriously fantastic folks to work with every day.


If you're interested, drop us a line at HR@GIANTRABBIT.COM. Please send a resume and a note about why the job appeals to you and why you would be a good fit. If we're interested, we'll get in touch. Please note: candidates need to reside (or plan to reside) in the SF Bay Area; while we do work from home three days a week, our two office days are important, too. 

We don't require a degree (we have developers with CS degrees and developers without) and we don't have "X years of this, Y years of that" requirements. What we do need is for you to have the skills and know your stuff.

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