Senior Developer

Last Call Media

Last Call Media has an immediate opening for a Senior Developer. Senior Developers can work from any location in the US, and are generously compensated for their skill.

Our development division prides itself on being able to neatly stitch together contributed modules, Drupal configuration, and custom functionality to meet client requirements, and we often find ourselves pushing the envelope of what is technically possible. We work with enterprise level clients, typically in the education and non-profit space. As a company, we are very active in the Drupal and web development communities, and enjoy making time for code contribution, public speaking, and socializing.

Our senior developers are the ones who make our work technically possible. They wear a lot of hats. On client projects, they design technical architecture, write code, and work with Project Managers and clients to ensure a quality product. As part of the development team, they enjoy showing and teaching other developers. Internally, they live and experiment on the bleeding edge to find ways we can work faster and smarter.

Technical requirements for this position:

  • Have solid fundamentals - Know PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and the LAMP stack
  • Love version control (GIT preferred)
  • Be comfortable on the terminal
  • Love, or have a love/hate relationship with the Drupal Features module.
  • Know how to override Drupal theme functions
  • Be able to write a custom Drupal module

Senior Developers are compensated at a salary commensurate with skill and experience, with comprehensive benefits and varied, engaging work for enterprise-level clients. If you excel at any of this and are excited by the rest, please reach out!