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BADCamp Behind the Scenes

Come join the BADCamp organizing collective as we share why and how we plan, organize and deliver the camp. Expect an irreverent but honest discussion about the ins and outs of raising funds, securing facilities, building convention websites, organizing volunteers, eating tons of vegan Vietnamese food, designing things at absolute last minute, playing various board games both competitively and cooperatively, and most importantly achieving consensus among a diverse but friendly group of like-minded peers. 

Defense in Depth: Lessons learned securing 100,000 Drupal Sites

Heartbleed, Shell Shock, POODLE, Drupalgeddon and Ghost.  How is it possible to secure my website in the face of the hackzor onslaught?

Every bit of software in your stack composes compromisable surface area, so you have to think about security from the OS to the JS, and beyond.  When securing your website, you need to think breadth as well as depth; there’s no use in having 3 deadbolts a pit bull and a portcullis on your front door while leaving your porch door unlocked.  

Creating Parent / Child Relationships in Drupal

Let me show you how to create a site using parent, child, grandchild relationships. Do you want to be able to display information from multiple related content types in a single view? What to create an content entry UI that is intuitive, easy, and convient for the user?  All of this can be done with just a little planning and five drupal modules; entity, entityreference, entityconnect, auto_entitylabel, and views.

This session is for all levels of site builders as the concept are straight forward even if they are a bit out of the Drupal box.

During this sessions, I will

The continuous integration / continuous happiness workflow

Continuous integration (CI) has been a floating buzzword for quite some time now. While it is widely accepted by developers and devops engineers, its value is often overlooked or misunderstood. This session aims to explain the benefits of a good CI process from the perspective of a business (website owners). CI offers continuous delivery, empowers a collaborative environment and delivers superior project quality.

This session will demonstrate some real use cases where the continuous integration process contributes to the project success and ultimately business success.

Technical Pollution: Insights from the Lorax

Technical debt is a common analogy to describe the cost of code mess and poor architecture. However, how far can the monetary analogy go? In this session we will look at insights from the Lorax and “environmental debt”. Specifically, we will build an argument for why the monetary comparison communicates the wrong idea about how technical debt is measured and how it impacts business. We will conclude with identifying measures and practices to mitigate technical debt.

On PhpSpec, BDD, and Not-the-Drupal Way

PhpSpec is a toolset for building out testable pieces of functionality strictly designed to meet (and only meet) the project requirements that you have made explicit. Identify your inputs, test your expected outputs. That's it.

Wait! Don't go. This is not a look-at-this-cool-tool talk. This is a live identity crisis, with a demo. How do we as developers mature our skills and deliver testable, functional code while we continue to work on Drupal 7? 

Talking through that question includes:


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