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Community-produced Documentation

Besides making open-source software, the Drupal community also writes documentation for programmers, themers, site builders, and end users of the software.

In this presentation, Jennifer Hodgdon, who has been involved in Drupal documentation for  over 8 years (including some leadership/maintainership positions), will talk about the types of documentation that the Drupal community writes; the tools used to write, navigate, and display the documentation; and the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of each type of documentation and tool set.

How to Make a Drupal Dev ... or a Drupal Career.

Solving the human resource problem in Drupal has always been a major problem for the community.

Four years ago I was in the original AcquiaU class. Four years later I'm the Technical Team Leader for East. US Professional Services at Acquia. I've taught Drupal on four continents and worked with hundreds of developers in the Drupal space. I've also mentored two more classes of AcquiaU and worked with over 20 different delivery partner development team.

People First

It’s a strange and exciting time to be building things for the web. Our industry is changing quickly and the days of siloed roles, waterfall processes, and feature-first development are going, going, gone. From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, the worlds of design and development are merging and are being re-centered around the user.

Views for Beginners (in Drupal 8)

Arguably Drupal's most powerful module, Views allows administrators to create dozens of lists – covering things like Announcements, Rotating Slideshows, and even complex Event Calendars. Good news, Views is in Drupal 8 core! Many things are the same, but significant differences in Views functionality will be highlighted throughout the presentation as we learn about Views from the ground up.

Fields, Entities and Lists, Oh My!

You've installed Drupal and you've made a content type with a couple extra fields.  You've even managed to create a custom module, and gotten Drupal to recognize it. Now what? You need to make lists, you need to manipulate that content, and you need to know how Drupal treats that content.

Senior Developer Joshua Turton will cover fields, entities, their common functions, and how to make lists . You will learn:

Drupal 8 Kickstart for Developers

Presenting the essentials a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site and see where and how to integrate their custom module in Drupal 8. 

The Drupal 8 Kickstart presentation will be enhanced by screensharing phpStorm showing Drupal 8 concepts in use in an actual new custom Drupal 8 module on a locally-installed demo Drupal 8 site.

Developers with Drupal 7 experience will find that the discipline and organization they have gained from developing to Drupal 7 will benefit them as that knowledge is expanded to include Drupal 8 concepts.

Site Building with the End User in Mind

Building a successful Drupal website or platform often involves a lot of configuration & modeling on the needs of the folks who will be using the site & how the content they are producing is exposed. 

Who are these ‘end users’ we refer to? They are generally just good people who want to easily get work done & we’ve been those people - in Drupal 5, Drupal 6 & Drupal 7. 

This session will focus on strategies & tips drawn from what ‘end users’ need & then explore some Drupal Examples of how to configure Drupal to be more end user focused: 

R.E.A.D: Four Steps for Selecting The Right Modules

One of the most crucial and important steps in building any Drupal project is how to determine which modules to use. When you are reviewing your functionality needs you may ask yourself:

  • Where and how can I find the modules I need?
  • Will this module I found solve my functionality needs?
  • Will I need to patch this module?
  • Should I just write my own custom module?

To quickly and correctly answer these questions, there are four simple steps you should follow. It's as simple as learning how to R.E.A.D.


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