All I Really Need to Know About Business I Learned From Programming

Do you find your career is gradually, or suddenly, moving out of the comfortable realm of tech stuff and into to the less familiar world of business stuff? Whether through advancement within a large corporation, or jumping ship from one to become an entrepreneur, many of us at some point have to transition (at least partially) from geek to suit. But we often do so without any formal training in anything having to do with business administration, management, client interfacing, sales, or any of the other hats we now try to wear. This session is an exploration of ideas on how to think about that transition. Instead of feeling disempowered by a lack of preparation for the jolting change of duties, we should instead realize that the skills and thought patterns we developed as techies may actually be the best possible preparation for success in other aspects of business. We need to be willing to let go of control of a lot of things, and this can be disconcerting. But by observing and working in accord with the transcendent similarities underlying all healthy complex systems (from software to businesses to tomato plants to the universe) we don't actually need to lose control at all, we in fact can achieve deep and sustainable control of our organizations and our careers.

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