Configuration Collaboration

The Drupal community is great at collaborating on code; we're not so great at collaborating on configration. We've struggled with both the tools and the community processes necessary to work together on configuration as effectively as we work on code. Drupal 8 gives us a solid configuration management platform on which we can build better collaboration tools. With a common configuration API in both PHP and YAML, we now have a shared vocabulary for configuration.

Now we need to build better collaboration tools and also adjust our community process.

This session will explore the history and future of configuration collaboration in Drupal, as well as some lessons from other communities. We'll explore what works, what doesn't, and why. And we'll demonstrate some new tools and approaches already emerging as Drupal 8 opens new doors.

You'll leave excited about the future of configuration in the Drupal community, and maybe even more excited about what you can already do today, even in Drupal 7.

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