Data Driven Conversion Optimization for Drupal

In digital marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process for increasing site conversions using behavioural data to understand which experiences help drive your desired outcomes. Learn to evaluate how well your business goals align with your user’s, and how to identify opportunities for improvements with tools your probably already have access to! 


In this session, learn how to use existing tools in Drupal to:

  •  Create a solid infrastructure to collect and distribute data
  •  Obtain the right kind of data to analyze 
  •  Understand the performance of your site from a users point of view
  •  Make better informed decisions with respect to your online business strategy
  •  Take actions to improve your conversion rate
  •  Connect with your target audience
  •  Provide a consistent Multi Channel Engagement 


Use data to answer your burning questions!


What if I already have good SEO?

“For every $100 spent on driving traffic to websites, companies spend only $1 converting that traffic into business.” 

~ Source: Forrester Research

Can landing pages help users convert?

Companies with over 40 landing pages generate an average of 12 times more leads than those with 5 or fewer pages. 

~ Source: HubSpot

Unsure what to test? 

82% of marketers say knowing how to test effectively is “somewhat” or “very” challenging 

~ Source: Adobe 

Unsure what your data means? 

42% Marketers who say interpreting results is the biggest challenge in conversion optimization
~ Source: MarketingSherpa


Which channel is the most important?  

83% Worldwide retailers that ranked a consistent cross-channel customer experience as “very important”
~ Source: Retail Systems Research

55% Companies that have a mobile-optimized website, mobile app, or both 

~ Source: Adobe

How do I sell this to my boss/client? 

85% Search marketers who plan to focus more on conversion optimization in the next year
~ Source: Hanapin Marketing (2014)

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