HHVM: Upgrading PHP for Fun and Performance

HHVM is a drop-in replacement for the PHP runtime, initially built by Facebook but now sporting a wide community of contributors as an open-source project. HHVM greatly improves performance and scalability and introduces the possibility of new code features to PHP. Written in C++, HHVM uses a just-in-time compiler to optimize the performance of normal PHP code -- leading to performance gains of anywhere from 50-75% in concurrent requests per second. In addition, HHVM enables the use of a new dialect of PHP named Hack, which includes many new language features including static typing, generics, asynchronous I/O, and more. Come learn:

- How HHVM works and how to get it operational on your own environments
- How does HHVM stack up against PHP 5 and PHP 7, particularly when running Drupal sites
- What's under the hood: How HHVM is so fast and who is it best for
- Hack: Language features that HHVM adds to PHP for expanded developer productivity
- Totally rad new stuff: Upgraded Drupal systems in Hack!!

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