How to Make a Drupal Dev ... or a Drupal Career.

Solving the human resource problem in Drupal has always been a major problem for the community.

Four years ago I was in the original AcquiaU class. Four years later I'm the Technical Team Leader for East. US Professional Services at Acquia. I've taught Drupal on four continents and worked with hundreds of developers in the Drupal space. I've also mentored two more classes of AcquiaU and worked with over 20 different delivery partner development team.

We’ll have a lively discussion on how to build a solid drupal development team, talk about leading and building developers and partners. We’ll talk about technical and thought leadership and why everyone needs to invest (and how to do it) in the future of our ecosystem. And we’ll have some fun talking about my adventures, failures and success in Drupal.




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Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 1:30pm

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