Integrating Pattern Libraries with Drupal

As our sites grow in complexity, how do we manage our code, designs and site architecture? With so many touch points it can be hard to manage a single guide to maintain consistency throughout a project. One solution, pattern libraries. Pattern libraries allow front-end developers to create and style components—the foundation of a solid design system.

Won't this add complexity to my process? It doesn't have to. Many current pattern libraries can be hard to integrate with Drupal. They simply don't provide enough control and flexibility to seamlessly work with other systems. There is a solution...

In this session we will demonstrate how a new pluggable framework for building pattern libraries gives you the flexibility and control you need to integrate a pattern library into your site building process. Using this framework you can create your template files in whatever language you choose and export them to Drupal PHP template files. Using this solution you get the benefits of a pattern based approach without sacrificing efficiency.

Knowledge you will walk away with:

  • How to integrate a pattern library into your process
  • How to install and setup your pattern library
  • How to use pattern libraries to document the front-end
  • How to run visual regression testing in your pattern library
  • How to export patterns to Drupal

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