Ionic & Angular to make the Pantheon and other Headless Drupal Mobile Apps

Ionic & Angluar are javascript libraries that work with PhoneGap/Cordova to create really fast mobile apps that are compatible both with iOS, Android, and Windows.  I recently built an Ionic/Angluar mobile app to interact with Pantheon development servers that I'll be using to demonstrate throughout this session.  In this session you can expect:

  • an understanding of what Ionic, Angular, and PhoneGap do and how they compare to native moible development
  • an quickstart guide to the development workflows of Ionic, Angluar and PhoneGap
  • a guide to how mobile app development fits in the Drupal ecosystem
  • a deep dive into the Pantheon Mobile App's Angluar and Ionic code 
  • an understanding of how to interact with the Pantheon API

Afterwords, you'll probably be so psyched that you'll create your own mobile app in the session following this one!

The Pantheon Mobile App is here

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