Learning Drupal From Scratch - 1yr later

In this session, I will navigate through my journeys starting as an experienced PHP developer not knowing what Drupal was, to working on frontend/backend development on very complex, mission critical sites without freaking out. This session is geared toward developers who have just entered the Drupal ecosystem and are wondering what they’re getting in to and how to start off on the right foot.

Some highlights will include:

  • Why there are always at least 4 ways to accomplish a task in Drupal and recognizing the advantages/disadvantages.
  • Database interactions, just write your own SQL query right?
  • Yes, you will get to use your OOP skills even before using D8 + examples
  • Caching and how it can temporarily ruin your life
  • GitHub, Drupal.org, contributing, patching
  • PHPStorm’s debugging capabilities and devel module
  • Automated testing (Behat/SimpleTest/PHPUnit) + basic security
  • Drupal Community + experiences presenting at DrupalCon
  • Your support team + Work/Life balance 

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