Limbering Drupal Up with Flexible Layouts, WYSIWYG Templates, & More

Drupal’s content editing experience is key for content administrators who use it to publish information daily. But many Drupal sites suffer from either too many content types, with too many restrictions on what content can do within them — or too few content types, with too much reliance on admins having an advanced knowledge of HTML and/or a developer they can contact when iffy formatting code breaks a page.

You can limber up your Drupal sites by embracing configuration that empowers your content administrators to change page layouts, embed retina-friendly images, use pre-configured content templates to drop sample content into WYSIWYGs, and pre-populate your CMS’s WYSIWYG options with elements from your style guide.

This session will cover:

  • Making your layouts flexible with Panels
  • Offering up retina-friendly images in WYSIWYGs, without hurting performance, by configuring the Breakpoint and Picture modules for use with embedded images
  • Making image placement easier for content admins by providing image layout templates that include left/right floating, sizing, and styled captions
  • Creating content templates that content admins can select to drop in pre-formatted text and styles — e.g. “Pullquote with Credit” or “Progress Callout with Date”
  • Plus more administrative modules for easier linking, content browsing, and bulk updates.

We’ll also discuss our strategy on when to create fields and when to create WYSIWYG templates — with the goal of promoting design and UX consistency throughout your sites.

This session will be presented by Clay Marshall and Kat Kuhl, who have previously presented it at GovCon in Washington, DC. Previous slides can be seen at

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