Mindful Project Management

Projects are Alive / Expect Up & Downs / Be Calm & Radiate

What do haikus, mindfulness and project managers have in common?   Being a Mindful Project Manager is a practice which inspires teams and helps projects stay on time and on budget by reducing stress. 

This project is way over budget.  We are never going to make the deadline.   Client expectations are not being met.  That is out of scope.   Estimates are being blown.  It is in the project plan.  It’s not in the SOW.  Do these statements create stress in your day and projects?   

Learn and discuss what it means to be mindful and how to apply the practice in your daily work with internal team members and clients.  We will learn some basic mindfulness techniques and how to write inspiring haikus.

These tools have been put into practice at Last Call Media where I am currently a Project Manager.  The writing of haikus has been received well by all and has inspired some team members to write them about their projects.   We sometimes write haikus to diffuse tension and maintain playfulness in the office.  The perfect complement for tight timelines and stress management.   

This workshop is inspired by this article which has transformed my style of project management. http://www.projecttimes.com/kiron-bondale/be-a-mindful-project-manager.html

Participants will learn and discuss what it means to mindful, how it is relevant in the tech industry, engage in some hands-on techniques and practices and explore how we can incorporate these into our work environments.



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