Scalable JavaScript Design Patterns in Drupal

Is your JavaScript getting out of hand and un-manageable?  Would you like to learn how to organize your JavaScript files so they can scale? Is the weight of your JS files bringing you down? Site architecture is one of those aspects to development where minor problems can lead to major issues quickly if it isn’t done right.

Developers building Drupal sites these days usually concatenate all their js into three massive JS files that are loaded on every page.  Whilst you can get away with this on small sites that have a minimal amount of code, what happens when your project really starts to grow?  In this talk, I’ll be presenting an effective set of design patterns for large-scale site architecture that will eliminate the typical growth pains you see as your site expands.

You’ll learn how to keep your site’s logic truly decoupled, build JS modules that can exist on their own independently so they can be easily dropped into other projects, separate your JS so you only load what you need on a page by page basis, and future-proof your code for when you need to upgrade your theme/module in the future.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 11:00am

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