Secrets of Indian outsourcing companies

Get raw tidbits on the inner happenings of Indian outsourcing companies and their culture. If you have ever wondered whether you should outsource development, you should attend this.

We'll go over the pros and cons of working with Indian outsourcing companies and how you can come out on top if you ever decide to work with one. We'll go over the valid concerns of many companies while outsourcing work to India and advise you what to watch out for when choosing a vendor. The common concerns I have heard are:

  1. Miscommunication - It's very difficult to explain to the developer what I want. I tell him to build an apple and he builds an orange and comes back to me saying that it's done.
  2. Not possible to iterate fast - If the developer is sitting right besides me, then I can tell him immediately what needs to be changed. I can't do that if the developer is sitting 12 hrs away and as a result, my speed of development decreases.
  3. Quality of development - With a developer in the US, the software I get back from him is 95% done with very few bugs. With a developer in India, the software I get back is 70% done with lots of bugs. As a result, I have to have someone here in the US to get to 100% from 70%.
  4. Responsibility - Developers in India do not take responsibility of the product. Their goal is to finish the task as soon as possible without looking at the quality or the broader picture.

In addition to the above, a big part of the session be devoted to Q&A. If you have specific questions, please bring them in and we can discuss about them.

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