Single Sign On SimplesamlPHP

At our company (TaxAnalysts), we implemented Drupal 7 as their new web platform. We implemented and customize many cool new features like elasticseach, mailchimp, mandrill and many others. Our company required SSO implementation, based on this requierement we used simplesamlphp  as our codebase, however, we had to refactor the module to accept more than one idP and provide seemesly deep linking integration; we are sharing the code via github and are trying to contribute it back. This session will be about SSO:

  • What SSO/SAML 2.0/IDP are.
  • How to set up a Service Provider.
  • How to set up an IDP.
  • How to integrate the Service Provider and IDP with Drupal.
  • Walkthrough of the refactored Drupal simplesamlp module.

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