Static site migrations: Using Guzzle to scrape an HTML site and prepare it for Migrate

The Drupal Migrate module makes moving into Drupal from another database backed system as easy as it can be.  But what if the site you're coming from doesn't have a database, or doesn't provide access to the database?  In this session, we'll walk through building a static site crawler to scrape structured data off of an existing site and put it into a database for processing with the Migrate module.  The tools I'll be focusing on are:

Guzzle - A powerful HTTP Client for PHP that lets us batch requests and deal with all kinds of unexpected responses that may happen.

DomCrawler/CSSSelector - Symfony libraries specifically aimed at parsing and manipulating HTML responses using simple CSS selectors.  

Silex - A microframework that's perfect for building your crawler and handling all the details (logging, CLI, database connections, etc). 

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