There's a module for that! Don't use it!

In Drupal development when you have a new need on your site you are often told "There is a module for That!".  While the availability of thousands of free modules on is great, it can lead to sites with hundreds of modules enabled. In this session we will look at ways to avoid this on your site.

Often contributed modules provide much more functionality then you need for any specific site. It is easy to find yourself installing a complex module when you only need a very small part of it. When this is the case you have tons of extra code running on your site that you don't need(and probably don't want)!

This extra code causes your site to run slower, adds the potential for bugs and conflicts with other modules, and makes your site more complex than it needs to be.  With hundreds of modules running on your site tracking down where a particular problem is coming from can be a real pain. In many cases you can replace the need to install yet another module with under 10 lines of custom code.

You will see some concrete examples of how a little bit of custom code can replace the need to install a module with hundreds or thousands of lines of code. For example do you want an extra View Mode for a content type? You could install Entity View Modes or just write 8 lines of code(template to be provided).

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Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 1:30pm

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