On PhpSpec, BDD, and Not-the-Drupal Way

PhpSpec is a toolset for building out testable pieces of functionality strictly designed to meet (and only meet) the project requirements that you have made explicit. Identify your inputs, test your expected outputs. That's it.

Wait! Don't go. This is not a look-at-this-cool-tool talk. This is a live identity crisis, with a demo. How do we as developers mature our skills and deliver testable, functional code while we continue to work on Drupal 7? 

Talking through that question includes:

Drupal Test Driven Development (TDD)

Please attend this session if you are developing and maintaining a large Drupal application with considerable amount of custom business logic (custom code, rules, roles and permissions).

We believe that a large software application that needs to be developed and maintained over a long period of time requires automated testing.

Challenge: Currently unit testing with Drupal 7 is not supported very well primarily because of its dependence on a persistent DB connection and lack of dependency injection. 

Demystifying access control

This session will explain what goes on behind the scenes regarding access control, and walk through how Drupal decides what content is available to a user.

We will start by reviewing popular access control modules, such as "Organic Groups", "TAC", "Workbench", etc., and how you can make them work together. Then we will take a step beyond "hook_node_access()" - and why you should avoid it -, and learn to use the Grant API to implement your own access control modules.


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