BADCamp Behind the Scenes

Come join the BADCamp organizing collective as we share why and how we plan, organize and deliver the camp. Expect an irreverent but honest discussion about the ins and outs of raising funds, securing facilities, building convention websites, organizing volunteers, eating tons of vegan Vietnamese food, designing things at absolute last minute, playing various board games both competitively and cooperatively, and most importantly achieving consensus among a diverse but friendly group of like-minded peers. 

Secrets of Indian outsourcing companies

Get raw tidbits on the inner happenings of Indian outsourcing companies and their culture. If you have ever wondered whether you should outsource development, you should attend this.

We'll go over the pros and cons of working with Indian outsourcing companies and how you can come out on top if you ever decide to work with one. We'll go over the valid concerns of many companies while outsourcing work to India and advise you what to watch out for when choosing a vendor. The common concerns I have heard are:

Top Modules for Drupal 7

Dozens of useful contributed modules for building Drupal 7 sites. There are many really useful contributed modules to take your site beyond the basics of Drupal core. There are modules to improve, allow, and/or help with everything from administration to workflow, from paths to views, and beyond.

Site Security in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 contains a number of security improvements over Drupal 7, including

- Adoption of Twig as the default theme engine
- Removal of the PHP Filter module
- Hashing of user session IDs
- Support for trusted hosts patterns
- Improved integration of WYSIWYG configurations with text filters
- Limiting database drivers to executing single statements
- Integration of CSRF protection into the routing access system

In addition to the above general enhancements to security, this session will address:

Making Content Strategic before “Content Strategy” Happens

Making Content Strategic before “Content Strategy” Happens

Clients tap Drupal shops for our design expertise and technical virtuosity, but rarely for what a website often needs: messages that drive action. Clients may never provide these, and so even when we attempt to strategically convey their content, we end up with ineffective (but beautiful) websites that prize form over content.

Life After Launch: Lessons Learned

First let's all agree that people don't launch websites like they launch rockets. Rockets blast off into orbit without any further human intervention. Websites are more like row boats, sure you can say you've "launched", but that's when the rowing begins.

Agile, MVP, technical debt, what-have-you... this session will not be a series of acronyms or buzzwords. Instead we will simply share our experience building a dedicated production support team, why we thought it was important to do so for our clients, and what we learned along the way.


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