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Community-produced Documentation

Besides making open-source software, the Drupal community also writes documentation for programmers, themers, site builders, and end users of the software.

In this presentation, Jennifer Hodgdon, who has been involved in Drupal documentation for  over 8 years (including some leadership/maintainership positions), will talk about the types of documentation that the Drupal community writes; the tools used to write, navigate, and display the documentation; and the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of each type of documentation and tool set.

Creating Parent / Child Relationships in Drupal

Let me show you how to create a site using parent, child, grandchild relationships. Do you want to be able to display information from multiple related content types in a single view? What to create an content entry UI that is intuitive, easy, and convient for the user?  All of this can be done with just a little planning and five drupal modules; entity, entityreference, entityconnect, auto_entitylabel, and views.

This session is for all levels of site builders as the concept are straight forward even if they are a bit out of the Drupal box.

During this sessions, I will

People First

It’s a strange and exciting time to be building things for the web. Our industry is changing quickly and the days of siloed roles, waterfall processes, and feature-first development are going, going, gone. From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, the worlds of design and development are merging and are being re-centered around the user.

Next Level Git

Slides now available at: http://eosrei.github.io/talk-git2/


As a Drupal developer it is often easy to use Git for years without going much deeper than `git push` `git pull` and `git commit`.

By using Git purely on this superficial level you are missing out on a lot of what makes Git such a powerful tool.

In this presentation we will focus on those tricky powerful bits of Git and advanced Git workflows that will enable you to be a more confident user of such a powerful tool.

Some topics to be covered:

Drupal on Docker

You may or may not have heard the buzz around Docker, the container-based infrastructure tool. We'll give an overview of what Docker is, and how Stanford is using Docker to maximize resources when running Drupal websites in the cloud.

It will be helpful, but not necessary, to have a working understanding of the technology stack underlying a load-balanced web server.

7 to 8: Transitioning From theme() and Theme Functions to Render Arrays and Templates

Render arrays aren't new in Drupal 8. For years they have shared responsibility with theme() when rendering a page and everything in it. Don't call theme() in Drupal 8, though. It's gone. Render arrays are taking over and you should already be using them in Drupal 7.

Theme functions, such as theme_image() and theme_item_list(), are also losing the battle. They can still exist in Drupal 8, but templates and preprocess/process functions are far more common. Templates aren't new either, but like render arrays, they are far superior.

Start using both today. This session has your back.

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