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Understanding Drupal

Drupal is an extremely flexible system. To achieve this, various layers of abstractions are built into it. Many concepts were create to explain these abstractions. Unfortunately, they are not always intuitive for someone just starting with drupal. For example, the ubiquitous word 'node' does not represent a point in a network nor a server side programming language.

A new version of drupal is soon to be released. It will ship with lots of cool new features and, as you might imagine, it will bring new concepts and more questions for beginners.

The drupal community don't want new adopters and prospect contributors go away for not understanding our parlance. Come to this session and figure out what is drupal. Don't worry, it won't be a theoretical, boring talk. It will be a joyful conversation with lots of examples to help you understand drupal and why it is so powerful.

Welcome to Drupal

This session is for people who are relatively new to Drupal and would like an orientation (or refresher) on the concepts, jargon and community involved in learning Drupal.


We’ll introduce All the Big Things at a basic level. Attendees will come away familiar with the Drupal landscape and with recommendations for specific sessions to attend to dive deeper into key concepts and particular topics.


Topics specifically covered include:

Technical Pollution: Insights from the Lorax

Technical debt is a common analogy to describe the cost of code mess and poor architecture. However, how far can the monetary analogy go? In this session we will look at insights from the Lorax and “environmental debt”. Specifically, we will build an argument for why the monetary comparison communicates the wrong idea about how technical debt is measured and how it impacts business. We will conclude with identifying measures and practices to mitigate technical debt.

Fields, Entities and Lists, Oh My!

You've installed Drupal and you've made a content type with a couple extra fields.  You've even managed to create a custom module, and gotten Drupal to recognize it. Now what? You need to make lists, you need to manipulate that content, and you need to know how Drupal treats that content.

Senior Developer Joshua Turton will cover fields, entities, their common functions, and how to make lists . You will learn:

Understanding the Dark Side: An Analysis of Drupal (and Other!) Worst Practices

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Making mistakes helps us learn and grow and do better work. But, sometimes we don't even realize we are "doing it wrong" until someone points it out. This session is a collection of some worst practices that are pretty common in the Drupal world and beyond. If you don't know what "hacking core" is or why you shouldn't do it, this is the session for you!

We will cover worst practices in Drupal and web development in general within:

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