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BADCamp Behind the Scenes

Come join the BADCamp organizing collective as we share why and how we plan, organize and deliver the camp. Expect an irreverent but honest discussion about the ins and outs of raising funds, securing facilities, building convention websites, organizing volunteers, eating tons of vegan Vietnamese food, designing things at absolute last minute, playing various board games both competitively and cooperatively, and most importantly achieving consensus among a diverse but friendly group of like-minded peers. 

Secrets of Indian outsourcing companies

Get raw tidbits on the inner happenings of Indian outsourcing companies and their culture. If you have ever wondered whether you should outsource development, you should attend this.

We'll go over the pros and cons of working with Indian outsourcing companies and how you can come out on top if you ever decide to work with one. We'll go over the valid concerns of many companies while outsourcing work to India and advise you what to watch out for when choosing a vendor. The common concerns I have heard are:

Life After Launch: Lessons Learned

First let's all agree that people don't launch websites like they launch rockets. Rockets blast off into orbit without any further human intervention. Websites are more like row boats, sure you can say you've "launched", but that's when the rowing begins.

Agile, MVP, technical debt, what-have-you... this session will not be a series of acronyms or buzzwords. Instead we will simply share our experience building a dedicated production support team, why we thought it was important to do so for our clients, and what we learned along the way.

Case study: How to create site ‘templates’ and migrate a couple hundred local Chapter sites to Drupal in a matter of months

Case study: How to create site ‘templates’ and migrate a couple hundred local Chapter sites to Drupal in a matter of months.

The Sierra Club has hundreds of local grassroots chapters and groups all over the country and we needed to make new websites for all of them. We used Drupal (Organic Groups module) to create ‘templates’ so we could empower many local webmasters to manage their sites.

Key points:

Community-produced Documentation

Besides making open-source software, the Drupal community also writes documentation for programmers, themers, site builders, and end users of the software.

In this presentation, Jennifer Hodgdon, who has been involved in Drupal documentation for  over 8 years (including some leadership/maintainership positions), will talk about the types of documentation that the Drupal community writes; the tools used to write, navigate, and display the documentation; and the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of each type of documentation and tool set.

All I Really Need to Know About Business I Learned From Programming

Do you find your career is gradually, or suddenly, moving out of the comfortable realm of tech stuff and into to the less familiar world of business stuff? Whether through advancement within a large corporation, or jumping ship from one to become an entrepreneur, many of us at some point have to transition (at least partially) from geek to suit. But we often do so without any formal training in anything having to do with business administration, management, client interfacing, sales, or any of the other hats we now try to wear.

Mindful Project Management

Projects are Alive / Expect Up & Downs / Be Calm & Radiate

What do haikus, mindfulness and project managers have in common?   Being a Mindful Project Manager is a practice which inspires teams and helps projects stay on time and on budget by reducing stress. 

This project is way over budget.  We are never going to make the deadline.   Client expectations are not being met.  That is out of scope.   Estimates are being blown.  It is in the project plan.  It’s not in the SOW.  Do these statements create stress in your day and projects?   


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