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How to build a sustainable contribution culture in your organization


The success of any opensource technology depends on how active the community is and the reason why Drupal is so successful is because of the community. Community is not just the users but organizations(product or service companies) using Drupal as a technology stack make an integral part of the community. Technical capability of any organisation can be easily figured out by their contributions towards Opensource technology they use. This session would focus on key insights on how to build a sustainable contributions culture within your organization.

The productivity of anarchy: harnessing the energy of chaos

Anarchy is often found when people participate in a highly-creative process where they need to collaborate to move the project forward. It’s often a maze, where the requirements, technology and people can change constantly. In most situations the traditional methods of management, such as waterfall, aren’t effective. Sometimes the path forward isn’t completely clear, but the goals and vision are.

The elephant in the room: Risk

Every project has risk. Acknowledging risk is to acknowledge the real potential for things to happen that could jeopardize a project. While there’s no such thing as a no-risk project, the first step to reducing risk is identifying it, then putting a plan in place to prevent it. When you can’t avoid it, you’ll need a plan to mitigate it. Assessing and planning for risk scenarios are key conversations necessary at the beginning of a project – and can be beneficial in defining all the pieces that may be a part of the project.

How to Make a Drupal Dev ... or a Drupal Career.

Solving the human resource problem in Drupal has always been a major problem for the community.

Four years ago I was in the original AcquiaU class. Four years later I'm the Technical Team Leader for East. US Professional Services at Acquia. I've taught Drupal on four continents and worked with hundreds of developers in the Drupal space. I've also mentored two more classes of AcquiaU and worked with over 20 different delivery partner development team.

Running a Distributed Drupal Shop

The workplace of the future is going to be less centralized, more mobile, and more flexible than ever before. Work no longer revolves around the job and people are not tethered to a single location. More often than not, people are much more productive and happier when working from home.

The trend's going to be accelerated by rapid uptake of mobile technology, economic volatility, and the intensifying war for top Drupal talent.

When content and technology come together

National Audubon Society had an old Drupal website that needed to be upgraded. More importantly, it had an old content strategy that needed to be rethought. FFW worked closely with Audubon to implement an integrated content strategy that served its traditional audiences as well as a new generation of bird lovers.

This session will highlight some of the features and tools that were built to empower Audubon content team, including:

Building a digital foundation with a Drupal distribution: A Case Study

Audubon National Society is a large, decentralized non-profit organization with 22 state programs, 47 centers and more than 450 local chapters. Within the organization, its state programs and centers serve important roles for Audubon’s mission including conservation, policy, advocacy and others.

FFW helped Audubon build a Drupal distribution for their States and Centers that helps individual organizational units to:

Kickstart Online Store With Drupal Commerce

Drupal is a popular and yet very powerful CMS (Content Management System) used worldwide. This presentation will guide you to launch your online drupal eCommerce store. This session will be targeted at Small Business Owners, Manufacturers, Businesses, Government and anyone who would like to learn more about global eCommerce. Participants will observe and engage in various forms of eCommerce, using drupal as a platform for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumers and Consumer-to-Consumer transactions worldwide.


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