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The Drupal market - how to sell to the community


Yes, you read that well, I just used the "M" and the “S” word...

Selling and marketing doesn’t have to be a bad thing, there are plenty of products and services that we happily buy, as long as they are valuable and presented to us in an appropriate way.

For example: most of our community events, including BADCamp, are largely paid for by sponsors. But sponsors need an ROI, if there is no value in an event they will stop sponsoring.

Communications: Man vs. Machine

Clear communication is fundamental to every process in life -- and in business, it is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for making sure all parties involved are happy, and that we are able to run a business at a profit with each project.  There are many fundamentals of the communication process which are irreducible; focusing on them helps us gain clarity of communication both inside and outside of our organization.  Personally, I am often more comfortable communicating with the computer, because the code is either correct or incorrect, and the results match this -- I can always find the mistake, an

Profit in Project Management

Profitability is never a guaranteed outcome.

Drupal is a powerful CMS that developers use to give clients the web products they need, with all of the features and functionality they want. Drupal can provide all this at a lower cost than HTML or other platforms, but using Drupal is no guarantee of profitable project.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a condition in which one feels like they aren't qualified to do what they've been tasked to do or have gotten to where they are through sheer luck. Not only have I personally experienced this and continue to almost 20 years into my career, but almost every developer I've ever met has dealt with it.

When developing/designing/managing/cooking, do you ever feel like:

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want: How to Write an RFP for a Successful Digital Project

You’re in need of an awesome new website, but you don’t have the development expertise to build it yourself. Learn how to write a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find the right vendor, ask for (and get) what you want, and avoid headaches along the way. In this session, we’ll cover how to identify your needs, set expectations, and communicate effectively with prospective partners.

Among other things, we’ll discuss:

Motivations and Approaches for Decoupled Drupal

Decoupled (or "headless") Drupal, where Drupal-agnostic clients such as single-page apps and native mobile apps ingest exposed data provisioned by the CMS, has seen a lot of hype recently. Much discussion has revolved around how to decouple Drupal from a technical standpoint, but comparatively little debate has dealt with why Drupal should be decoupled from the business standpoint. This session will examine what motivates businesses from enterprises to small businesses into decoupling Drupal and what things to consider that may impact your bottom line for better or for worse.

I'm a Scrumberjack and I'm OK! Managing Your Scrum Product Backlog for Drupal

In this session, we'll cover how to plan your backlog that is aligned to the needs of you and your clients while also keeping your Drupal tidy!  No need to clear cut your product backlog but a healthy and organized set of work will keep you and your team busy working on the correct work at the correct time in an organized fashion.

This session will address the following:


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