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Nearly Headless Drupal

There are some things Drupal is great at, and some things it is, well, less great at. With years of hard work, Drupal has become a pretty strong content manager. You can build robust data models, easily enable content revisioning, and build out a publishing workflow complex enough for even the strictest of editorial standards. However, even the blistering speed of development on Drupal 8 appears glacial when compared with the rate of invention on the front-end of web development.

Drupal Test Driven Development (TDD)

Please attend this session if you are developing and maintaining a large Drupal application with considerable amount of custom business logic (custom code, rules, roles and permissions).

We believe that a large software application that needs to be developed and maintained over a long period of time requires automated testing.

Challenge: Currently unit testing with Drupal 7 is not supported very well primarily because of its dependence on a persistent DB connection and lack of dependency injection. 

Faster and smarter development with Drupal Console

Managing the increasing complexity of Drupal 8 can be a daunting task for anyone, are you prepared for this new challenge?. Now, writing a module involves much more boilerplate code, and there is a lot you need to know to get started.

Drupal Console is a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to help you manage that complexity. Come along as we explore this tool that will help you developing faster and smarter by leverage modern PHP practices. introduced into Drupal 8. 

Demystifying access control

This session will explain what goes on behind the scenes regarding access control, and walk through how Drupal decides what content is available to a user.

We will start by reviewing popular access control modules, such as "Organic Groups", "TAC", "Workbench", etc., and how you can make them work together. Then we will take a step beyond "hook_node_access()" - and why you should avoid it -, and learn to use the Grant API to implement your own access control modules.

OOP for Object Haters

Drupal 8 is here, and with it a completely new world of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). While PHP had classes before, PHP 5 has evolved into a modern OOP language with structures and features that have been in other languages for a decade. If you've never used classes, namespaces, or exceptions before, it's like learning a whole new programming language. In this session, we break down the core concepts of OOP, see some example code, and take a peek at how these are used in Drupal 8.



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