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What's your plan when DAILY BACKUPS AREN'T ENOUGH?!

You just got hacked.  You just wiped your main database on accident.  You pushed that one button you weren't supposed to push in the adminstrative interface.  Your hosting server suffered an outage.  Whatever it is, the time has come to invoke emergency protocols, and you need to restore your website from the backups.  Unfortunately, you are most likely only on daily backups and as a result have lost over 24 hours of data.  No biggy if you only have 1 user.  But what if you have hundreds or even thousands of active users in that 24 hour period.  Then what?

Defense in Depth: Lessons learned securing 100,000 Drupal Sites

Heartbleed, Shell Shock, POODLE, Drupalgeddon and Ghost.  How is it possible to secure my website in the face of the hackzor onslaught?

Every bit of software in your stack composes compromisable surface area, so you have to think about security from the OS to the JS, and beyond.  When securing your website, you need to think breadth as well as depth; there’s no use in having 3 deadbolts a pit bull and a portcullis on your front door while leaving your porch door unlocked.  

Drupal Performance Optimization Options & Checklist

As great as Drupal can be, it doesn't scale well for Web sites with a lot of content and/or a lot of users. To make it perform better under these scenarios, it's necessary to make use of several strategies, tools and techniques.

By attending this session, you'll develop an understanding of what the options are in making your Drupal site more performant. So when you run into performance-related issues, you'll have an idea of where to begin.

Drupal hosting options and performance improvements

Learn how to choose from the variety of hosting levels and provider offerings. There are a myriad of options from shared hosting, VPS, managed instances, dedicated servers, and Drupal-specific providers.

What are the important indicators you have, so that you can choose the most appropriate option? Can you really do more with less? What level of access do you need in order to get the best site performance?

This session will cover the range from one-click installs to setting up your own environment and a number of options in between

An Introduction to Containers

You've heard the term "containers." Maybe you've heard the buzz surrounding new technologies like Docker and CoreOS. They plaster the front pages of HackerNews, reddit and the blogosphere. 

If you've wondered just what the big deal is and what they are, this is a what, why, and a how-to for Drupal containerization for those new to the technology.

Next Level Git

Slides now available at:


As a Drupal developer it is often easy to use Git for years without going much deeper than `git push` `git pull` and `git commit`.

By using Git purely on this superficial level you are missing out on a lot of what makes Git such a powerful tool.

In this presentation we will focus on those tricky powerful bits of Git and advanced Git workflows that will enable you to be a more confident user of such a powerful tool.

Some topics to be covered:

Make Sites 50% Faster with Performance-Based Drupal

As the Support Manager for Kalamuna, I constantly get requests to “please make my Drupal Site faster.”  After many years of trial and error, I’ve discovered how to honor this request.

  1. I’ll show you how to use various modules such as AdvAgg, Speedy, Magic, etc.,
  2. as well as config setups, proper caching techniques and scenarios.
  3. I’ll also go over theming performance solutions such as Node / Grunt setups.

With these tweaks alone, I am certain your sites will become at least 50% faster. You will also become 50% happier.  


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