Site Building + Using Drupal

Top Modules for Drupal 7

Dozens of useful contributed modules for building Drupal 7 sites. There are many really useful contributed modules to take your site beyond the basics of Drupal core. There are modules to improve, allow, and/or help with everything from administration to workflow, from paths to views, and beyond.

Site Security in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 contains a number of security improvements over Drupal 7, including

- Adoption of Twig as the default theme engine
- Removal of the PHP Filter module
- Hashing of user session IDs
- Support for trusted hosts patterns
- Improved integration of WYSIWYG configurations with text filters
- Limiting database drivers to executing single statements
- Integration of CSRF protection into the routing access system

In addition to the above general enhancements to security, this session will address:

Creating Parent / Child Relationships in Drupal

Let me show you how to create a site using parent, child, grandchild relationships. Do you want to be able to display information from multiple related content types in a single view? What to create an content entry UI that is intuitive, easy, and convient for the user?  All of this can be done with just a little planning and five drupal modules; entity, entityreference, entityconnect, auto_entitylabel, and views.

This session is for all levels of site builders as the concept are straight forward even if they are a bit out of the Drupal box.

During this sessions, I will

Thinking in Drupal 8

Taking an Idea from Concept to Completion in Drupal 8

Let's look at some thought patterns in solving problems with Drupal by bringing an idea from concept to completion using Drupal 8.

This is a session that experiments in exploring using Drupal from the most basic standpoint possible. Looking at the Node as "the thing itself," this sessions gets down to the business of understanding the essence of the building blocks needed for completing concepts in Drupal 8.

Fundraising with Drupal

For many organizations, especially the nonprofits ThinkShout works with, one of the Drupal’s most important use cases is fundraising. We have worked over the years to develop a nonprofit engagement "toolbox" geared towards nonprofits that includes:

Emacs as a potential tool for Drupal Development and Management

Emacs is a cross-platform, customizable, extensible, self-documenting, real-time display universal editor and the most powerful tool in the world. It is widely used by Professionals, Businesses, Programmers, Organizations and Governments for Database Management and File Management, Artificial Intelligence, Advance Science (Math Operations, Physics, Chemistry etc, Finance Management, Games, Journaling, Mail, VersionControl and many more.


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