Drupal + RedHen / SalesForce

Date and Time: 
Friday, October 23, 2015 -
9:00am to 5:00pm

RedHen Trainers: Sean Larkin with Lev Tsypin, Gabe Carleton-Barnes, Tauno Hogue, Greg Boggs from ThinkShout

9am - lunch: RedHen CRM: Exploring Native CRM Solutions That Extend Drupal

This half-day workshop will begin with a detailed review of the modules that make up the “RedHen CRM ecosystem.” We will then show you how to leverage RedHen for building advanced CRM-driven solutions. A hands-on training, we will help you configure and customize your own RedHen instance and we will teach you best practices for building solutions on top of this module suite. We will cover tools in the RedHen ecosystem, including memberships, donations, campaigns, engagements, deduping contacts, and integrating RedHen with other Drupal standard bearers such as Views, Rules, Context, etc.

SalesForce Trainers: Gabe Carleton-Barnes with Lev Tsypin, Tauno Hogue, and Greg Boggs from ThinkShout

lunch - end of day: Integrating Drupal and Salesforce: The World’s Most Flexible CMS Meets the Most Powerful CRM

This half day workshop will start with the basics of configuring mappings between Drupal entities and Salesforce objects and leveraging typical Drupal development workflows. Then we'll dive deeper into complex scenarios including managing large datasets, customizing behaviors as objects are synced, and managing errors.


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